Alberta bighorn hunting is ultimate North American wild sheep hunting experience. Alberta bighorn sheep are the biggest of all the wild sheep, the king of rams. The world record rifle and archery rams are from Alberta, more record book bighorn rams come from this province than any other. We guide in the areas that have produced these record book bighorn rams, time and time again.

Alberta Bighorn Hunting

Our specialty is helping hunters to achieve the goal of harvesting a bighorn sheep either with gun or bow by putting you with in range a giant Alberta bighorn sheep. We do this by taking hunters on customized personally guided hunts in the best bighorn sheep hunting areas available in Alberta.

Master Guide Chad SAVAGE Lenz will take you to the highest mountain to get you your ram. We take our hunters to the best Alberta bighorn hunting areas with the highest success rates. Your research ends hear with your quest for the king of rams, Alberta bighorn!!

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